Ultra-Absorbent Kitchen Drying Mat

$19.21 USD

Color: Dark gray

Size: 30*40cm (11.8*15.7in)

30*40cm (11.8*15.7in)
30*50cm (11.8*19.7in)

Ultra-Absorbent Kitchen Drying Mat


1. Surface Cotton-like fleece material: This kitchen drain pad is durable, soft, and foldable.

2. Splashproof: It can absorb water splashes and coffee, and instantly keep your countertops clean and tidy.

3. Draining water: Help the washed tableware to drain the water, prevent mildew and bacteria, and be clean and hygienic.

4. Non-slip: The anti-slip texture on the back has a strong adsorption force, and it is firmly attached to the table and is not easy to shift.

5. Application: It can not only be used as a coffee pad but also widely used as a tableware drying pad for tableware and cups in kitchens, bars, and bathrooms.



Color: Dark gray/Dark blue

Material: Cotton-like fleece + rubber

Size: Size: 30*40cm/30*50 cm

Weight: 195g/240g

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